Moon Sun and Fire Chakras

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Mirella has developed a series of workshops that prepare her students for The Four Desires.

Moon, Sun & Fire in the Chakras

Moon Sun & Fire in the Chakras is a 3-part series—use breath, poses, writing and meditation to experience how our chakras connect to the MOON, SUN & FIRE practices:

1. The first session is based on the MOON, connecting us to our upper 3 chakras, creating a calming, grounding effect. This class helps us find clarity in our mindset—guiding us to take a step back and see the big picture.

2. The SUN class is completely focused on the heart chakra. When we work to make a change, we need to be compassionate with ourselves. We like to feel safe and comfortable with our goals before we are ready to share them with the world.

3. Go with your GUT. See how when we connect to the lower 3 chakras in the FIRE class, we connect to our inner knowing—finding our truth. A FIRE practice helps us access internal resources, giving us the confidence to manifest our goal.

We culminate with Yoga Nidra, a practice that guides us through our subconscious mind, that brings us to a place of surrender. When we come to a point that we’ve pushed so hard with all our might, it’s often the letting go and seeing that it’s going to be ok— is when the answer unfolds. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, often referred to as yogic sleep. It restores the mind and body, allowing us to detach from the everyday. One of the most effective ways to calm anxiety and see more clearly.

Step Out of the Shadows & Reveal Your Inner Light with Sankalpa

This workshop places focus on sankalpa, which is a vow, resolution or a goal that is created in the heart. The difference with sankalpa and a typical resolution is there’s an intentional process. Before you finalize your sankalpa you must have “no doubt” you will achieve it. Your sankalpa needs to come from the heart. You must be passionate about seeing its completion and envision what this will look and feel like.

This workshop merges together some of the same asana principles of the Moon, Sun & the Fire practice. We use the focus and clarity of the moon, incorporating the vibrance and the warmth of the sun, and place most of our emphasis on the power of Fire.

There is lecture, asana (yoga postures), specific breathwork and meditation, followed by a creative mind map exercise. This is where we create our sankalpa and then we plant it into our Yoga Nidra practice— a guided form of meditation where you are lying down receiving the benefits of rest, healing energy and sense of clarity. Sankalpa coupled with Yoga Nidra is incredibly powerful and will prepare you for a more profound experience with The Four Desires.

Moon, Sun, Fire in the Chakras 3-Part Series


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Early Bird $125 | Full Workshop $165 ($55 each)

Sankalpa Workshop – Reveal Your Inner Light


Check back for upcoming dates in 2018


Early Bird pricing available
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