Our Process

Twenty years of experience in branding and design has shaped one of IDP’s greatest characteristics as a coach—finding the true essence in people and their companies. IDP is known for creating timeless solutions, defining current strengths, and building in refinement.

At IDP, we have found that guiding individuals and organizations to find their purpose often involves turning chaos into simplicity. We have the courage to step back and see the big picture, before jumping in and reacting. We look for patterns, define the strengths that lie within, and guide our clients to see their own light. It’s our job to provide the proper tools. We strive to help individuals and teams create space to provide opportunities that give them freedom. When we are free to choose, we are most driven toward transformation. Once this takes place, disciplined thought and action will lead the way.

From the words of a great author and leader, Jim Collins, from Good to Great, “Yes, the specific application will change (the engineering), but certain immutable laws of organized human performance (the physics) will endure.” IDP does not start from scratch. We build from the strengths that lie within your past, noting any negative patterns or behaviors, to create a brighter future for you and your team.

“Don’t Re-create the Wheel” - Aztec Museum, Cimarron, New Mexico